Basketball: So Much More than Just a Game

As the First  coach to win four straight state titles in the one hundred  year history of the Minnesota State Boys Basketball tournament and the only coach to lead two teams to multiple state titles in Minnesota high school basketball , Larry McKenzie wants to share his success strategies for “winning” on the court and in life.

Basketball: So Much More Than Just a Game is an important program for young athletes and their parents navigating the game of basketball.  Incorporating 10 life lessons, Coach McKenzie shows why BASKETBALL is merely a metaphor and a tool that can be used to transform lives.

Coach McKenzie believes that sports are a microcosm of life.  In this program, Coach McKenzie takes 10 individual life lessons from basketball and applies them to everyday life:

Personal branding – Your name does mean something.  You are creating a brand for yourself by the image you project in person and on social media.  Take pride in yourself and be aware that others are judging you by your actions.  Live responsibly.

Appreciation – Appreciate the people in your life.  Showing gratitude to those around you is a must.

Student of your game – Know your game (what you want to be in life).  Study your game so that you can become knowledgeable.

Knowledge is power – The more knowledge you have the more valuable you are in life.

Enjoying the moment – Every day is a gift!  Don’t be in a hurry. Take time to smell the roses.

Being Teachable/Coachable – Everyone needs a coach.  Having a mentor is very important. If your cup is already full nobody can pour anything out.

Believe In yourself – You can do anything you set your mind to.

Attitude determines altitude – How you walk out of the house every day is important.  Attitude controls your destiny.

Live to love– We as humans have the responsibility to leave this earth better than we found it.

Love to live – Be responsible and make good choices.